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WMU Sunday at Silver Creek Baptist Church

I truly enjoyed speaking at Silver Creek Baptist Church today for the WMU Sunday. I was blessed to experience such a warm welcome. It was my honor to have witnessed how much the ladies there love God, Missionary work, and their church family! God is up to something significant at Silver Creek! ❤️🙏🙌

The message I shared was from 1 Chronicle 13-15. David realized that he had not inquired of the Lord as to how The Lord would have him accomplish the task of carrying the Ark of the Covenant to the City of David.

David had the best intentions. He wanted the presence of God to live with the people. But his lack of understanding of the Lord’s protocol cost the Israelites dearly.

So David abandoned the call he felt in his heart and let the Ark of the Covenant rest in another man's home.

David continually heard that the house where the Ark was placed had received blessing after blessing because the presence of God was there.

In chapter 15, David realizes that he must follow a specific protocol (Numbers 4) in how to carry the presence of God correctly.

David makes the changes and then tries again to carry the Ark back to the City of David.

This time, he was successful.

It said that after the priest carrying the Ark had taken six steps, David stopped the procession and sacrificed an offering to God.

David had learned the lesson of seeking God’s will before starting a journey and then stopping at every turn to inquire of the Lord about the rest of the journey.

Dear Lord, We ask you to be with us as we take steps towards fulfilling your call upon our lives. As we walk with you, we request that your precious Holy Spirit have full authority to speak and move within us to lead us as we go.

In the name of Jesus’ we pray! Amen 🙏

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