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"Experience the power of Words with Angel Diane, the inspiring Christian Author and Speaker..."

"Write what you see in a book..." Revelation 1:11 ESV

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What I learned
While I Waited
Angel Diane
(Releasing August 2024)

One of my hardest times inside a season of WAITING was when I did not recognize the season that was upon me. I also did not understand what it could mean for me, my family, and my friends if I would be willing to spend a season of my life reserved to be okay with WAITING on the Lord. I did not know how beautiful it could be and how safe I could feel to do as He said and “Stay above the situation.”


Juanita Miller, NC

“When she opens her mouth to speak, it is wisdom. She is a Faithful Woman of God that hears and speaks the Truth that is entrusted to her from our Lord and Savior. It isn't sugar-coated or watered down. It is spoken with love without condemnation."

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