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Full Treasuries

“…bestowing a rich inheritance on those who love me and making their treasuries full.”

                                    Proverbs 8:21 NIV



By Angel Diane-Author/Speaker


“If you’re looking to get rich writing Christian Books, I can tell you, it’s not going to happen.” said the Keynote speaker. It was a resounding comment I had heard three times that weekend.


In support of their sentiment, my first book was due to launch in just a few months, and before I left for the conference, I had discussed with my publisher the massive number of books I would have to sell to come anywhere close to recouping the cost of self-publishing it.


Confiding my concern to my roommate that evening, I languished, “How will I ever be able to pursue the call God has given me to “write and speak” if I must continue to seek other employment? It is so difficult to make this calling a top priority. Without money, we can not eat, live, or pay our bills.”


With a wise, sage-like voice, she said, “You know, my friend, God has the last say in what your book will be and do. Open your Bible to Proverbs 8:21 and read it aloud.” So, I did.


Then, leaning in with a deep gaze, she whispered, “I see and hear the wisdom that comes from your writing and speaking, Angel… God said that wisdom will make your treasuries full.”


Merriam-Webster says a “treasury” is a place that stores wealth. On top of that, since the writer of Proverbs added the plural ending “ies,” it indicates multiple places.


That means every empty, deep place in us can be endowed with the gift of wisdom simply by loving God. His great wisdom has a myriad of resources from which to draw.


God bestows all kinds of blessings on His children through His marvelous wisdom, such as love, joy, peace, patience, money, etc. These came from the inheritance we assumed when we became a “joint heir” with Christ (Romans 8:17).


Today, the Lord is inviting all of us to use wisdom to believe and trust that our heavenly Father will ‘make our treasuries full’ as we obey His call.




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