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When My Husband Prays...

God does not make them any better than my man. Jeff West is the most wonderful man of God that I have ever known. His love for God inspires me to be more than I can ever believe I could be.  

His prayers are authentic and full of love. They so inspire me that I wanted to share them with you. Enjoy...

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Jeff's Prayer 7-12-2023

Good morning, Lord! Lord, as I come to you this morning, I have a question on my mind and heart. Lord, I come to you with a thought and a question. I want my prayers to be effective, Lord, not only for me but all those I pray for, and as I awoke this morning, I felt a challenge in my spirit that I had never given much thought to. God, I know all through the scriptures we are told of your people coming to you in prayer, and I know we’re not explicitly told how to pray other than pray without ceasing, but as I come this morning with this thought, I would like my heart to be open to receive what says the Lord. Lord, my question is this. Does the position of my posture put more seriousness on my prayer? I think of the examples in the word of God where Abraham laid on his face, and Jesus laid on his face when in the garden but looked up when praying for the return of Lazarus. I remember King Solomon kneeling, and at other times people would bow. I know that just calling out to you anytime is an excellent thing because just the act of calling shows we have faith but God; if the position of my body represents the position of my heart and triggers a greater need in my prayer, then, change my posture! God, I think of a three-way lamp and its four positions; you have off, which shows no light; one which gives just enough not to stumble, two which will allow you enough to move around and three, which gives enough light to brighten the room and allow me to read even the small print of a newspaper. Well, Lord, let all my prayers be severe enough to change the posture of my body if the posture of my body represents the posture of my heart! Lord, there may be no direct answer, for your word ask us to pray, but I know I am the most serious about my prayer when I’m laying prostrate before you because it’s then that I feel the urgency of the prayer. Lord, I ask this morning that I make every prayer an urgent prayer of my heart so that my prayers may be pleasing to you. It's in Jesus' mighty name, I pray! Amen!

Jeffs morning prayer

Jeff's Prayer 7-10-2023

Good morning, Lord! Lord, I come to you this morning asking for strength to stay committed to you no matter the cost. Lord, I think about the commitment you showed the Father when he told you the plan he had for you to achieve my salvation. I remember you going to the garden and praying so hard if he could come up with another way and remove this cup from you and how you stressed and prayed so hard that you sweat blood! God, I think about how you were so committed to the plan that you had your Son carry his cross up a hill to be mutilated by a bunch of people who were so religious and so stuck in the past that they couldn’t see or hear you in the new thing. Lord, we live in a time like when you walked the earth telling people you were the Son of God and they needed to Repent, turn from their wicked ways, and follow you! Well, it hasn’t changed much; people still think the commitment to you is saying your name like you are a genie in a bottle and that they are not responsible for doing anything! Lord, I think of my own life, that every time you’ve told me to do something, it has required something of me. Lord, I look at marriages and how 50% of ALL marriages end in divorce, Christian and non-Christian! God, I think about all those that say they are believers but never think of reading your word. Lord, you call that ignorance! Lord, I think about all those you’ve told to do something specific, but they haven’t yet and only made excuses for why you haven’t done it for them. Lord, you call that disobedience! Lord, let me never get the welfare mentality and think that serving God is when I let You do everything for me, and I never have to keep my commitment to You! 

Lord, I think of every good thing in my life that you have given me or allowed me to have, and I remember it required something of me. The recipe requires much hard work, mixed with much faith, blended up with many sacrifices, sprinkled with tons of naysayers, rolled out on a cutting board with a heavy roller, and beat with a tenderizer for a time plus a time, then placed in an oven set to a temperature of hot as Hell for an extended time! Lord, this recipe is hard to find all the ingredients to and hard to mix, but in the end, it produces the best dish of COMMITMENT a Christian could ever want! Lord, I thank you that you never promised commitment would be easy, but it would be worth it! Thank you, Father, for a recipe that takes much work but produces a beautiful product. May I always do the things you ask in this relationship to be fully committed to your will and not mine? In Jesus' name, I pray! Amen!----Jeff West

Jeff's Prayer

Jeff’s Prayer: 6/9/2023

Good morning, Lord! Lord, as I awake this morning, I am sore from head to toe! I rode my bicycle 14.6 miles yesterday, and it has worked muscles I didn’t know I had, but I am ever so grateful for all the soreness because I know it will produce a slimmer waistline, a more muscular physique, and a healthier heart! God, I could have taken ibuprofen before bed to calm the muscles and mask the pain. Still, I wanted to wake up sore to see which muscles were used yesterday because I knew the ones that hadn’t been used in a while would have a hard time dealing with the exercise and would be sore to show their weakness, but I chose not to mask the pain with medicine because in pain it brings expectation! I am excited that all the sore muscles are because they are now growing, getting more robust, and will support my physique better! Yes, even though I’m sore, I’m excited about the expectation that if I stay the course, I will see a great outcome! Well, God, this also applies to spiritual discipline; if I stay reading your word, praying, and being obedient to all you called me to that, yes, it may bring a little pain and discomfort for a little while. Still, it will produce a spiritual physique that can handle the pressure, go the distance and bring expectations for a beautiful life! God, this morning I ask that any physical pain that I’m feeling bring a great expectation to my mind and body for a great result in the end, and I pray that any spiritual discomfort or pain that being obedient and faithful to your word brings an excellent expectation for a great ending! For it's in Jesus' mighty name, I pray! Amen!

-Jeff West


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